The St. Jude CEIRS (SJCEIRS) Center continues to support an international influenza surveillance network focused on wild birds and domestic animals that includes sites in the U.S., Canada, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, and Egypt. St. Jude researchers are particularly interested in understanding how some avian flu viruses jump from infecting birds to infecting humans and other mammals while others do not. In addition to surveillance, researchers are studying the human immune response to influenza, risk factors associated with influenza complications, transmission of influenza, and others. The CEIRS contract also supports St. Jude’s ongoing role in developing influenza vaccine seed stock that can be used to ramp up production of new influenza vaccines.

SJCEIRS also supports surveillance of non-influenza viruses, including Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS-CoV). NIAID CEIRS recognizes that the data and information obtained through the Centers will be extremely valuable research resources and that the rapid sharing of these data will be essential in advancing research on coronaviruses. However, unlike influenza, no public database exists for MERS-CoV surveillance data. Therefore, the CEIRS DPCC has chosen to host the MERS-CoV data on behalf of SJCEIRS and NIAID CEIRS.

Data Standards

The data standards for MERS-CoV surveillance and derived analysis data are the same as those for all other surveillance data. They can be obtained on our CEIRS Data Standards page.

Project Details

Project Title MERS surveillance (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Uganda)
Project Description Conduct MERS-CoV surveillance in 6 Middle Eastern and African countries including surveillance in camels in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and Uganda and surveillance in bats in Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, and Tunisia.
Project PI’s Richard Webby, Ghazi Kayali and Mohamed Ali
Contributing Institutions SJC101 – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
SJC109 – National Research Centre,
SJC126 – Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP),
SJC160 – The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature,
SJC170 – University of Sfax,
SJC171 – University of Badji Mokhtar,
SJC173 – Human Link


Submission Type Data File
Animal Surveillance Direct Download
Serological Data Direct Download