A key mission of CEIRS is to foster innovative and collaborative basic and applied research on influenza viruses to understand how they evolve and adapt to animal and human hosts. The CEIRS DPCC was created to support this mission by providing a platform for data sharing and tracking and for community collaboration.

What is the CEIRS Data Processing and Coordinating Center?

The CEIRS Data Processing and Coordinating Center (DPCC) is a centralized platform to:

  • Streamline sharing of data generated by CEIRS with public databases
  • Increase the participation of CEIRS in data sharing with the scientific community
  • Increase the accessibility and usefulness of CEIRS data
  • Create an infrastructure for advanced data processing and management informatics
  • Serve as an integrated resource for training, support, education, and collaboration

Why was the DPCC created?

  • To support dissemination of scientific data from the CEIRS Centers to the scientific community
  • To maintain accurate accounts of what types of data are generated and submitted from the CEIRS Network and provide enhanced reporting capabilities
  • To maintain an easily accessible centralized repository of data, publications and reagents arising from the CEIRS Network

What are the long term goals of the DPCC?

  • To develop the DPCC into a robust and sustainable data processing and collaboration center
  • To create new tools to facilitate collaborative research
  • To provide a centralized and comprehensive data repository that could be leveraged in the future for scientific analysis and in-silico research
  • To function as a centralized platform where scientists can access data, find collaborators, and promote influenza research
  • To serve as a one-stop-shop for the general public to learn about influenza research conducted at individual CEIRS Centers


Stephan Bour, PhD, Project Director
Gillian Air, PhD, Principal Investigator


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  • Stephan Bour, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Gillian Air, PhD, George Lynn Cross Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Marcel Shields, Cloud Engineer
  • Brian Markowitz, Data Architect in Cloud
  • Jeremy Carson, Senior Visualization and Analytics Engineer
  • An Tran, Full Stack Developer
  • Monikka Ravichandran, Software Developer
  • Nishita Mummareddy, Junior Software Developer
  • Tonja Kyle, Principal
  • Deirdre Middleton, MPH, Manager
  • Luz Mercier, PMP