CEIRS Training Program

The CEIRS Training Program provides opportunities for pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows to:

  • Acquire new techniques and research experience;
  • Strengthen collaborations;
  • Increase research capacity; and
  • Expand the infrastructure of the CEIRS Network

A CEIRS Training Executive Committee has been organized with Andrea Sant (NYICE), Jake Kohlmeier (Emory-UGA), Andrew Pekosz (JHCEIRS), Stacey Schultz-Cherry (SJCEIRS), and Randy Albrecht (CRIP) representing each of the CEIRS Centers.

For more information, please contact Randy Albrecht.

CEIRS Training Resources

CEIRS has developed an online training portal that provides e-learning modules on topics related to avian influenza and influenza in general. Online training modules provide a user-friendly and easy-to-access educational opportunity to strengthen global capacity for influenza surveillance in animals and enhance understanding of human influenza virology, epidemiology, and disease surveillance. This project maintains and develops a collection of influenza training modules freely available online at the University of Minnesota/CIDRAP website. Each module contains several e-learning interactive lessons and a knowledge check to reinforce learning.

CEIRS Planning Resources

Educational Resources

Epidemiological Resources (Disease Surveillance)